Design to Manufacturing-The Key to Production

We have helped many clients go from concept through production – and this is an unique differentiator for FlashPoint. As opposed to many design firms, once the design is completed we don’t ‘throw the project over the wall.’ We source manufacturing and work to resolve any and all issues before high volume production can begin. For example, in the picture below, FlashPoint Managing Partner Tucker Marion inspects the first production Cart Cleaner trailer, working to resolve important usage details as the first production unit is completed.

FlashPoint manufacturing

We work to refine the product and see it through production ramp-up. We have helped clients source testing (FCC, UL, MILSPEC), manufacturing (electronic circuit manufacturing, injection molding, stamping, casting, assembly), fulfillment (packaging, EDI, shipping). We work with manufacturers in Asia, but also here in the US. We believe that sourcing decisions are not based solely on part cost – quality, communication, fulfillment costs, and reaction time are important considerations. For example, we helped John Hooper, inventor of the Hooper pet product, go from concept through production. We sourced his product to an injection molder in Pennsylvania, in close driving distance to his offices in New Jersey.

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