New College e-Book: The gBook™

We were contacted in 2007 to develop a new type of e-book reader - designed for the college market. We developed concepts, fully spec'd the electronics and software, and finished shell design. We also spent a great deal of time studying the ethnographic patterns of how college students would use an e-book reader.

gBook 1

To develop the concept we performed ethnographic research done on the college lifestyle, use of laptops, textbooks, and iPods. Based on our research we developed the concept for a portable dual color touchscreen e-textbook designed for the active college student.

gBook 2

We further refined the concept making the final product the size of a DVD case, utilizing a Linux based operating system. Highlight: Realistic renderings such as these can be key assets in investor presentations.

gBook electrical architecture

Electrical and software architecture was developed, bill-of-materials vetted, and potential manufacturers sourced. To speed business development, the project benefited from having graduate students from the Northeastern School of Technological Entrepreneurship perform detailed marketing and business case analysis.

gBook manufacturing plan

The gBook project has now shifted away from a pure hardware solution and is currently in stealth mode as a new business model is refined. See our Blog for an interesting article on the eBook readers.

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